Behaviour Management Ebook

Behaviour Management Ebook

Behaviour Management Ebook: Creating calm, fun and orderly classrooms for primary school teachers


Are you constantly trying to gain control over your class but falling short?


Have you tried all the different techniques you learnt on placement and in other classes but it just isn't enough?


Do you get down on yourself for always being grumpy and not the fun, happy teacher you wanted to be?


Do you sometimes feel like there is nothing else you can do but struggle with your class?


Do you wish you could have a happier and calmer classroom environment for yourself and your students?


Introducing…What Uni Should Have Taught You: Behaviour Management for teachers who are sick of feeling frustrated and are ready to fill their days teaching with more fun, calm and control.


Picture this…You're able to get your class' attention quickly and easily. You have loads of ideas for fun and exciting games that your students adore and adore you for playing them. Your classroom seems a lot more organised and calm. You've earned their respect and also now have an amazing bond with your class. It didn't happen overnight, but it's starting to come together. It's happening because YOU have decided to take the right step into learning how to better yourself as teacher and it's impacting positively in every aspect of your teaching. This is what I will help you with in my book.


You'll learn how to build the bond with your class, simple and effective techniques to get your class engaged, focused and learning. Different brain breaks to use, class jobs to get that class organised, over 40 inside and outdoor games that are fun for every year level, 22 ways to get their attention, how to deal with minor behavioural issues and how to seek help when it all becomes too much.


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